My theory is the Baby is Charlie Schmidt first of all Charlie is from the books as the main character. So that's where I got Charlie from. They don't mention the last name though. She is the daughter of Henry who I believe is Purple Guy. Now in FNaF SL Michael says, "They thought I was you dad." Or something like that. Now William Afton handed the financial things but Henry made them so do you really think they would see the William or Henry. Now in FNaF SL Michael says,"I'm coming to find you dad." Or something like that. Now the storyline is FNaF 4 - FNaF SL - FNaF 2 - FNaF 1 - FNaF 3. So I'm think Michael came to find his dad the the FNaF 1 pizzeria and the night guard's name is Mike Schmidt. Michael, Mike, very similar. In FNaF SL Baby says, "Didn't you come here for her?" Also there is a minigame when Baby kills a girl. similar to the green-eyed, red-haired little girl in FNaF 4. So I think Henry sent Michael to get Charlie aka Baby because at the end Michael says, "You were right, she was here." Or something like that and in the books Charlie is the daughter of Henry. Also why would Henry send Michael to get Baby if he didn't mean something to him meaning his daughter. So meaning Henry, Michael, Charlie and the Crying Child are all Schmidt. Scott did say that the books and FNaF games were two different universes but he hasn’t changed names only occupations and the storyline so why change names now?