Mike Schmidt is the main protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's. He is the security guard employed by Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The game is played in first-person perspective, through Mike's eyes.

Despite the low pay and clear danger, Mike continues his job every night for the rest of the week for unknown reasons. At the end ofThe 5th Night, Mike Schmidt receives a check for $120.

At the end of The 6th Night, he receives a comparatively minuscule check of $120.50, an increase of fifty cents. He also receives a note from his boss, stating that he's "earned some overtime!" Finally, upon completing the Custom Night, he receives a notice of termination.

On the 7th Night, the reasons listed for his release are "tampering with the animatronics," "general unprofessionalism," and "odor." This is believed to be in reference to the player's changing of the A.I. difficulty from 0 to 20, panicking and possible screaming, and copious sweating or release of bodily fluids, possibly due to the panicking, respectively.

The date on Mike's check after the 6th night is November 9.

Mike's first anniversary was on November 12,1983. This date is most likely a Sunday, since paydays are commonly on Fridays and Mike just worked for six days, an uncommon workweek. They went to Fredbear's Family Diner where the bite of 83' happened. Then Mike's wife left him and he was hit hard with bills. When he got better he went to the "New and Improved" Freddy Fazbear's Pizza where he had a friend (Jeremy Fitzgerald) go and find out how to tamper with animatronics. Jeremy never got to do that because, before the restaurant got shut down for... conditions, there was one more party and that's when the bite of 87' happened. But Jeremy passed the word to the next employee (Fritz Smith) who did tamper with the animatronics. Then Freddy Fazbear's was closed, but not for long. Vincent (Phone Guy) was hired for security guard of the new Freddy Fazbear's and Friends but they soon needed another security guard and Mike was hired. At the new Sister Location Mike's older son had thrown his younger brother into a popular character's mouth, Fredbear. Mike not only are getting this job so you can sabotage Freddy Fazbear's for everything, but for your little son's hospital bills. Then ,out of the random, Mike suddenly felt that sabotage wasn't enough for what they took from him, murder, death, and demise where what he should do to them. Mike drove by Freddy Fazbear's that day with a look on his face, and if you stared into his eyes very hard, you saw the look of death itself in those heavy dark blue eyes. He saw a child outside the pizzeria and he murdered him, very gruesomely. Then he went inside the pizzeria and put on a Fredbear suit. He then lured 6 children to the safe room and one by one by slaughtered them. The 1st child he killed head on. The 2nd child he stabbed in the stomach/chest area. The 3rd child's neck was slit. The 4th child was cut multiple times in the eye but was killed by a fatal stab to the chest. The 5th child was slit and cut multiple times around the body, had his eyes cut, and was bleeding everywhere. The final child was the birthday boy so Mike gave him the knife and told him to do whatever he pleased, he was foolish to kill himself. Mike then needed to hide the evidence so he stuffed the kids in the suits of the animatronics, changed his name to William Afton, finished his final nights as a security guard and opened a new company Afton Robotics Inc.. He now had a grand plan in mind, to find out how to fuse life with animatronics to get his poor son back. He created a new rental called Circus Baby's Rentals and Entertainment where he designed each animatronic for one main thing, capture. Then his daughter got too close to Baby and inhabited her. Afton then became the security guard who gets scooped and Enard goes inside his rotting body. Then Afton's body loses control and Enard leaves his body. He won't die, He won't die, He won't die. These are the last words Afton hears before his body was inhabited by none other than Baby. He made the wrong decision to kill the kids that is his story.

Mike only works for 4$ per minute during his employment at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which is lower than any American state's definition of minimum wage.

From the Game Over screen, if the image is brightened and enhanced, it can be seen that Mike has blue eyes.